PEACE Int. Germany presents:
The 2nd African/ Black Identity Series (2nd ABIS).

How does Pan-Africanism embolden us or does it energise us at all in our daily struggles as Africans?

Date: 25th May 2019

Time: 5pm, workshop begin.

Place: Tembo Restaurant and Bar, Danckelmannstraße 20, 14059 Berlin

U2 – Sophie-Charlotte-Platz

If we do not approach the problems in Africa with a common front and a common purpose, we shall be haggling and wrangling among ourselves
until we are colonised again and become the tolls of a far greater colonialism than we suffered hitherto.

 The 25th of May every year is celebrated as the pan-African Day. This year, we will be celebrating the pan-African culture and excellence. Our discussions will highlight, empower and celebrate the impact of coming together as Blacks and people of African descent in Germany to foster greater cultural, social and economic empowerment and integration of our Communities.

We will navigate the history of African / Black Community (ABC) engagements in Germany, with special focus on African / Black Refugee Struggles, reasons for Flight and the contribution to the general ABC Struggles.


  • How did we find ourselves here as a people?
  • What do we experience here as a people?
  • What do we do as a people to accommodate our experiences and confront our daily challenges?


Part of our focus will be the second scramble for Africa and the African Genocide in the Mediterranean Sea

Workshop – Discussions – Music and Celebrations.

With short presentations from Sister Moraa Damarice and Brother Yufanyi Movuh, activists of the ABC and Community Organisers at PEACE. There will also be presentations from other activists. 

Date: 25th May 2019 

Place: Tembo Restaurant and Bar, Danckelmannstraße 20, 14059 Berlin

Time: 5pm, workshop begin.

NOTE The event workshop and discussions are aimed at the ABC communities only.

There will be a socialisation evening from 8pm (Open to everyone) till… open end.

Expect more surprises with the appearances of Community musicians and artists like brother KUSH ( 

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In collaboration with Tembo Restaurant and Bar: African Swahili Restaurant – Bar -lounge.

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