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13 Oct

We help people find jobs, which indirectly means that we help Companies find the right talented people. PEACE CAMEROON interview with the CEO of Njorku: Mr. MAMBE CHURCHILL NANJE

Interview by Beyang Verdell. PEACE CAMEROON: Greetings Mr. Mambe and thanks for granting PEACE CAMEROON (PC) this interview. Please do tell us. Who is Mambe Churchill Nanje? MAMBE CHURCHILL: Well I am called Mambe Churchill, a native of Ndian Division. ...

03 Jun

Africa, The “Frog in Hot Water”?

The story of the frog in hot water is very significant in analyzing our continent, Africa today. For centuries we have suffered at the hands of Imperialists and Colonialists alike, who have plundered and are still plundering the continent till ...

14 Feb

The PEACE Magazine is OUT!!!

  The PEACE Magazine is completed and printed. Demand your copy now through our different contact channels. Please state your names and address. We will also need donations for posting costs and distribution expenses. Our crowdfunding was not successful but ...

15 Nov


This is a message and invitation to all those in and around Victoria – Limbe. We will be having “Open Doors” on Saturday the 19th of November at our newly established PEACE Centre, starting 2pm, West African time. On the ...

09 Nov

P.E.A.C.E Cameroon return Visit to Government High School Limbe.

Five months after Peer Exchange of African Communities for Empowerment paid a visit to the Government High School Limbe with the aim of empowering the students on educational and mostly African issues; another visit was made on the 17 0f ...

04 Oct

The PEACE Centre and its Background call for Support.

Peer Exchange of African Communities for Empowerment (P.E.A.C.E) is a Network and platform for peer exchange of scientific, academic and societal issues concerning Africans aimed at empowering Africans, giving back to the Community (GiBaCo) and fighting “Brain Drain” in our ...

29 Sep

Bimbia– Postcolonial Cameroon’s Market of enslaved Africans

Bimbia is a suburb of Limbe in the South Western Region of Cameroon. In Bimbia lies one of the sites in the African continent, where our Ancestors were enslaved and traded. According to African historical facts, it was the focal ...

31 Jul


On the 27 May 2016, the P.E.A.C.E Team visited the Government High School (GHS) Limbe to have a talk with the students, and sensitize them on what Peer Exchange of African Communities for Empowerment is all about. The main aim ...

19 Oct

Image Slideshow Post

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19 Oct

The MAAFA, yet to be correctly investigated and sanctioned. Bimbi

Members of PEACE, together with other +237s (Cameroonians) and African Diasporians visited the Bimbia slave port. The Bimbia Slave port is becoming a Shrine, a great cultural, historic and touristic importance to post slavery/post colonial Cameroon. Since 2010, through the ...