The MAAFA, yet to be correctly investigated and sanctioned. Bimbi

Members of PEACE, together with other +237s (Cameroonians) and African Diasporians visited the Bimbia slave port. The Bimbia Slave port is becoming a Shrine, a great cultural, historic and touristic importance to post slavery/post colonial Cameroon. Since 2010, through the ARK Jammers’ Ancestry Reconnection Program, hundreds of African Americans, whose DNA traced their origins to post slavery Cameroon, have travelled to Bimbia, giving the site’s increased national and international attention. Because the site is not yet well documented, and is currently overgrown by bamboo and bush, scholars like Dr. Lisa Aubrey and other Nationals are embarking on filling this gap through research and other activities. The remains of the slave cells are fast deteriorating and are in urgent need of stabilization.

While much is known about the Transatlantic Slave Capture and Massacre, less is really known by the people who were directly victimised (especially post slavery Cameroonians) through these barbaric and heinous crimes against Humanity. Although it might be seen as just one of the different methods of cruelty carried out by the Western powers, the impact on the African continent and its Diaspora has been and is still being felt.

OUR Mission as PEACE in the process of Restoration and Reconnection in the Bimbia SHRINE is to critically sensitize Africans of all denominations, gender and age groups nationally, regionally and internationally to recognize the importance of our slave history in finding the puzzles of our Resistance and struggles today. Through these experiences and the processes that they entail, we would be able to look for African solutions to present and future African problems, with contemporary political, social and cultural engagement to connections with the Diaspora.

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