Giving back to the Community (GiBaCo) and fighting “Brain Drain” in our African Communities (Go here to donate).

PEACE is establishing its first centre and we are once more calling on your support, which has not been really forth coming.

For more than 1 year now, we have received only a tiny fraction of contribution to our financial solidarity call. To support our active engagement, we intend to offer a critical space for networking with Africans of the same mind-set, objectives and goals. Our aim, is to bring a different atmosphere (alternative to mainstream) and paint a different picture of our History and Geography, a picture of resistance, rich cultural and indigenous spirituality and from which we became victorious.

Our desire to create a PEACE CENTRE in Limbe has been one of our main objectives from the very onset of our Networking. We are calling now on you to help us finish this challenging project to enable us continue to our next phase.

PEACE Center

PEACE Center

PEACE CENTRE would serve visitors with African Ancestry, Heritage and History in the Diaspora and in Mother Continent.
PEACE Int. has actually spent more than 1000 times what has been donated until now and we hope through our activities, we are going to generate the interest and means for a sustainable and independent financial flow and support. Majority of the money spent has come from individual contributors with African Ancestry.

Here, you can find photos of the construction site:

Intro to PEACE: