Aims & Objectives

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  • Aims Of The Association:
  • The active promotion and defense of African socio-cultural, political, economic, environmental rights.
  • Support activities for the promotion of African socio-cultural, political, economic, environmental rights.
  • To raise community awareness on socio-cultural, economic, environmental and livelihood issues.
  • To raise community awareness on civil and legal issues
  • To empower communities and institutions to improve rural livelihoods, sustainable natural resource management and political participation in society building through capacity building, self consciousness and information dissemination.
  • To research, analyze, publish and disseminate information to the communities
  • Initiate, facilitate and improve on networking in societal issues
  • Promote Scientific, indigenous and academic research on socio-cultural, political, economic and ecological issues in natural and other resources management.
  • Promotion of relations and exchange between indigenous cultures and promote international understanding
  • Knowledge transfer and information dissemination through workshops, seminars, conferences, publishing of research materials, inter-networking of media and communication streams on African and Africa pertinent issues
  • Enhance the living standards of resource users and communities by training on income generating development programs in the long term.
  • Empower the rural populace, the primary owners of the resources through education and training to take advantage of the fruit of well-managed resources.
  • Co-ordinate with local actors in the various sectors of the society where PEACE operates to enable smooth networking in and amongst the different communities.
  • Propose and coordinate amendments to the constitution of the management body of PEACE to meet new and unexpected realities or challenges.

2a) The achievement of the objectives is done through

  • Organization and promotion of seminars, conferences and congresses
  • Own and external academic and scientific publications
  • Promotion of work approaches in the sense of “self-consciousness and self-help”
  • Organizing and promoting exhibitions
  • Organization and promotion of cultural projects and events
  • Organizing and promoting intercultural encounters and partnerships
  • Documentation and archival work