This is a message and invitation to all those in and around Victoria – Limbe.

We will be having “Open Doors” on Saturday the 19th of November at our newly established PEACE Centre, starting 2pm, West African time.

On the agenda will be a short presentation of our aims and objectives, while welcoming new partners and volunteers.

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Our network promotes finding African solutions to problems arising in the continent and Africans in the Diaspora, knowledge transfer, information dissemination through workshops, seminars, conferences, publishing of research materials, inter-networking of media and communication streams on African and Africa pertinent issues. The PEACE Centre is open to the public.

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A good number of these projects will include:
· An academic center, which will serve and act as a scientific and research multipurpose center.
· An internet facility network of computers to aid the various activities of the academic center
· Lodging which will be strictly opened only to guests who come to visit and assist the organization.
· A snack bar, which will serve as a refreshing corner for our guests.
· An Artelier and Arts-Gallery to promote and empower young and rising African artists.

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In spite of these aforementioned projects, we stick to our main focus and priority, which is to actively promote the African heritage, analysing and finding alternative proposals for solutions to issues in and about Africa in order to create and build the continent of our dreams.

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You are all invited to be part of this great venture. Bring all the support you can carry, also to receive all the empowerment you can carry.

Hope to see you Saturday.