The PEACE Magazine is completed and printed.


Demand your copy now through our different contact channels. Please state your names and address. We will also need donations for posting costs and distribution expenses. Our crowdfunding was not successful but still we could print.

See donation accounts below.

We want to thank those who have supported us and made this a success.

16409621_1832157573673921_1604593205_oContent for this edition

  • Executive Editorial                                        page 2
  • Talk, Make, Seek PEACE                               pages 3, 5, 6
  • Meet Sista Dr. Affiong of Moyo Pan African Centre           page 10
  • Project BIMBIA and today’s impacts           pages 12, 13, 17
  • FESTAC 2016 – Limbe                                  page 22
  • Religion and impact on daily lives               page 25
  • African Diapora and struggles                     pages 28, 31, 32
  • Investment Opportunities                           page 37
  • Support PEACE Centre                                 page 39

In future, we intend to be publishing bi-annual editions of our Magazine. You can still contribute regularly to make this a success.

No financial contribution is small and any franc, euro or dollar will be welcomed.

You can also donate regularly to support our activities


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PEACE – MTN Mobile Money Account in Cameroon: 650314570

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