PEACE Int. Germany presents: The African/Black Identity Series (ABIS).

From Tokenism to Black elitism: The peril of the African/Black Communities (ABCs) in Germany

Symposium Date: 15th December 2018

Time:18:00 – 20:00 hrs

Place: SAVVY Contemporary

AddressPlantagenstraße 31, 13347 Berlin

This event is only for the ABCs.


On the panel will be

Sister *Adjei Millicent and

Brother **Senfo Tonkam

Moderator: Sister ***Anigo Badiane


There will also be Community socialization after the Symposium

Musician: Louis Jean from the group Irie Rainbow

Ochieng Bridget & Co. will present the African Dance Group TEMBO

African/Black Community (ABC) Networks and Movements in Germany are as old as colonialism, even dating back to the slave times. From trade to other varieties of derogatory and degrading contacts with and through our communities in the mother continent, its diaspora in Europe and Germany in particular, our people have suffered immensely.

Through the last 8 decades, there have been African/Black movements’ demands for their rights and against racist treatments, tantamount to recognition in Germany as citizens. The last 3 decades have seen some incremental gains in the direction of Tokenistic human rights, which we will call tokenism.

Nevertheless, in the last 15 to 20 years, some ABC networks in Germany began calling not only for equal representation, rights and opportunity but also for the liberation, restoration and emancipation of Africa from colonial entanglement and bondage. Their main objective is the total political, economic and socio-cultural independence from the colonial yoke and grip.

In these processes of Resistance of the African/Black VOICES in Germany, there have been different if not conflicting demands and rules of engagement from the Black Communities towards the state and predominantly “White Communities”. Some dominant individuals and/or groups with more resources have become the main VOICES, with the formation of certain “Elitist” groups within the ABC, which we term “Black Elitism”.

In our very first discussion on “The African/Black Identity Series (ABIS)”, we will be debating the “Tokenism” and “Elitism” within our Communities. We are going to use this event to analyse the different processes and the background ideologies behind them, scavenging through the different efforts to erect our VOICES in the German society. The purpose of this symposium is for peer exchanges and to diagnose the level of separation and the dangers of building parallel societies within our ABCs.

We hope for the participation of concerned and enlightened members of our Communities. Your presence and contributions will be highly appreciated

  • Tokenism is the practice of making only a perfunctory or symbolic effort to do a particular thing, especially by recruiting a small number of people from under-represented groups in order to give the appearance of gender or racial equality within a workforce.
  • Elitism is the belief or attitude that individuals who form an elite — a select group of people with a certain ancestry, intrinsic quality, high intellect, wealth, special skills, or experience — are more likely to be constructive to society as a whole, and therefore deserve influence or authority greater than that of others.

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Sister *Adjei Millicent


Millicent Adjei has a B. A. in Social Economie and Business Administration. In addition she is a certified Trainer and Coach in communication. Chairman of the NGO Arca-Afrikanisches Bildungszentrum e. V. (Arca-african Education Center). She is active in the Black Community as well as in the working group Ak-Postkolonial. One of the goals from the group is to decolonize Hamburg


Millicent Adjei hat den Abschluss B. A. als Sozialökonomin, ist ausgebildete Steuerfachangestellte und zertifizierte Train the Trainer, Dozentin, Ausbilderin und Coach. Sie arbeitet als Personalreferentin und Bilanzbuchhalterin für ein Unternehmen. Sie gibt Workshops zu diversen Themen, unter anderem auch Rassismus.

Seit 2009 ist sie Mitgründerin und Vorsitzende des gemeinnützigen Vereins Arca-Afrikanisches Bildungszentrum e. V. Sie ist politisch in diversen Initiativen der Black Community vernetzt und im Arbeitskreis Postkolonial Hamburg aktiv. Eines der Ziele des Arbeitskreises ist es die Stadt Hamburg zu dekolonisieren).


Brother **Senfo Tonkam

Senfo Tonkam is a former Cameroonian student leader exiled and a refugee in Germany. An activist of the Black Community, he has participated, organized, led and supported numerous actions, organizations, movements and projects for the liberation and unification of Africa and Blacks around the world. He is the founder of a new theory of the liberation and reconstruction of Africa.

Courte Bio:

Senfo Tonkam est un ancien leader étudiant camerounais exilé et réfugié en Allemagne. Militant de la Communauté Noire, il a participé, organisé, dirigé et soutenu de nombreuses actions, organisations, mouvements et projets pour la libération et l’unification de l’Afrique et des Noir/es à travers le monde. Il est le fondateur d’une nouvelle théorie de la libération et de la reconstruction de l’Afrique.



Sister ***Anigo Badiane.

Daughter. Mother: Activist of the Black Community in Germany. Working on the Liberation, Unification and Reconstruction of Africa, with focus on Gender Relations.

Prospective doctoral candidate.

M.A. in Postcolonial Studies at the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London (UKE). – B.A. at the Institute of Asian and African Studies of the Humboldt University, Berlin (Germany).

Administration and Office Coordinator at Sankofa e.V. (a Black-centered Kindergarden) in Berlin.


Louis Jean:

Louis-Jean is a Senegalese reggae musician living in Berlin, and Irie Rainbow is the band he founded in Germany. Louis-Jean & Irie Rainbow brought together different musicians with different backgrounds, creating a new style and a new musical experience by melting Jamaican and African roots music with other international influences. After releasing his 2nd album “Senegal sunu rew” he toured a lot and played on every important festival throughout Germany, Austria, Holland.

More importantly, he is an accomplished musician and has been organising concerts in tribute of Nelson Mandela ‘Caravan for Mandela’ since 2013. He started this initiative out of admiration for Madiba and his legacy. He has built up a wide global network of artists, especially in the reggae music world.

Currently he is developing his next scoop: a project that will involve artists from all over the world, from Africa to Europe to the Caribbean. From 2015 he travelled twice to Jamaica and started to record with reggae super stars like: Sly & Robby, Earl Chinna Smith, Tyrone Downie and Clive Hunt and others.

Ochieng Bridget is dancer and educator in Berlin, from the Tembo Dance group