Ebot Mbi, Q.: Resource Manager (Intern)

Resource Manager (Intern)
BTECH in Computer Networks and System Maintenance Resource Manager (Intern)

Mr. Blasius Alusoh M.

Financial Secretary

Mr. Francis Movuh A.


Mbolo C. Yufanyi Movuh (PhD)

Research associate at the Georg-August University Goettingen, Germany. Extensive research on the PhD Project „Understanding stakeholders’ interest and power in the context of Community Forestry in Cameroon“, with empirical and theoretical results. In-depth research analysis on developing ...

Kien Pelagie C. (LL.M)

Secretary General
Kien Pelagie C. (LL.M) is a Cameroonian resident in Buea. She studied at the University ...

Barrister Arrey Ebot

Legal Adviser
Notary Public and member of the Cameroon Bar Association

Ms. Beyang Verdell

Student Intern in Journalism
Editor at Peer Exchange of African Communities for Empowerment – PEACE International Studied with a ...