The brief visit to the PEACE Center was on the 13 of February 2020. The main aim of this visit was to see the Center and to discover more about it. On arriving the Center at about 11:30 am meeting a calm environment which was because of the one week luck down that just ended, activities are still to kick start at the Center as explained by the bar attendant Mr. Neba. We were received by Mr. Neba then we rested at the bar for some time, Mr. Foshi who is the Limbe coordinator of P.E.A.C.E later joined us in which we took some photographs with the PEACE magazine at the Center. Later on Mr. Bongajum came in, who is an intern at the Center. He gave us a brief inside on what he does and how the Center runs.

I happen to ask some questions on the goals of the foundation which was explained to me by Mrs Kien Che in which she said the Center is founded on the basis of keeping and preserving our African cultures, that is, trying to find solutions to African problems by Africans in Africa, making discoveries, exchanging ideas and helping to empower youths and develop communities, are what the PEACE Center is out for.

What I understood from all I saw and heard about the Center is that the Network is out to discover a lot of hidden TRUTHS about our African his(her)tory that can guide us to solving and finding solutions to some of the problems we are facing today especially by the youths and most communities.


The short visit ended with a tour around the Center seeing beautiful architectural designs, paintings of great people carrying beautiful and educative massages. From my observation I can say that the PEACE Center is a whole compound for recreation and empowerment. I enjoyed my visit to the Center and it was quite interesting and educative.

Atem N. Y