It was the theme of an international conference organized by the Network of African Journalists in France last July, in Tribute to Winnie Mandela and the Children of Soweto to commemorate both the African Liberation Day (ALD) and the Day of the African Child (Soweto 1976). As keynote speaker, Mr. Senfo Tonkam, a Cameroonian former student leader currently exile and refugee and activist of the Black Community activist in Germany was the main guest.

Brother Senfo Tonkam is sure and certain that we will defeat our foreign oppressors, drive out our corrupt and incompetent leaders and free Africa one day. But the question is: what kind of state do we want to build in tomorrow’s Africa? How to prevent the new African state from failing in its mission to satisfy, defend and protect the interests, rights and lives of Africans as it is unfortunately the case today? Who are the ones with the legitimacy and skills to lead it? How to prevent foreign oppression and exploitation in Africa? How to avoid the power struggles, internal conflicts and civil wars that are destroying Africa today? How to reintegrate the Historical Diaspora as full citizens in the African state?

Attached is a PAPER (in Swahili, English, French, Spanish and Portuguese) outlining his theory of tomorrow’s African state and the report of this conference (in English) MamaWINNIE-Conference2018_Summary-eng

The most important ethical and political implication of Mr. Tonkam’s new political system is that the new African Revolutionaries under his paradigm must know that they will never enjoy the privileges, advantages and any other benefits of power because they will never be the rulers of the liberated country. Indeed, after having freed Africa and set the Maatic foundations of the new state, they will have to relinquish the power to the African masses. Thus, Mr. Tonkam’s theory will enable the masses to distinguish between genuine revolutionaries who want a radical change rooted in authentic ancestral values from the power-hungry ones who, despite their revolutionary rhetoric are a serious threat to the people’s well-being due to their Eurocentric mindset.


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