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26 Feb

13th Memorial March in Berlin – Our Maafa, the only Human Catastrophe still to be acknowledged and reparations paid

BERLIN: With the support of more than 30 networks of the African / Black Communities in Germany, the “13th commemoration March in memory of the African/Black victims of enslavement, slave trade, colonialism and racist violence” was organised and executed. And ...

27 Nov

From Tokenism to Black elitism: The peril of the African/Black Communities (ABCs) in Germany

PEACE Int. Germany presents: The African/Black Identity Series (ABIS). From Tokenism to Black elitism: The peril of the African/Black Communities (ABCs) in Germany Symposium Date: 15th December 2018 Time:18:00 – 20:00 hrs Place: SAVVY Contemporary Address: Plantagenstraße 31, 13347 Berlin This ...

20 Nov


It was the theme of an international conference organized by the Network of African Journalists in France last July, in Tribute to Winnie Mandela and the Children of Soweto to commemorate both the African Liberation Day (ALD) and the Day ...

31 Oct


TRUST MUST BE RESTORED AND A GENUINE COOPERATION MUST BE ESTABLISHED BETWEEN THE NAMIBIAN GOVERNMENT AND THE HERERO AND NAMA LEADERSHIP On Wednesday 29th August 2018, activists of the African / Black Community (ABC) in Berlin staged a protest/demonstration in ...

03 Aug

14th of October 2017

The 14th of October was a special day. I will always remember it like it was yesterday. I was excited for I was invited to a lunch with the First Lady. I felt honoured and looked really forward. Today is ...

03 Apr

PraktikantInnen gesucht! Praktikum bei PEACE International in Deutschland.

Bewerbung für ein Einzel- oder Gruppenpraktikum/Langzeitpraktikum Das Berliner Büro von PEACE (Peer Exchange of African Communities for Empowerment) International sucht PraktikantInnen. In diesem Rahmen halten wir derzeit Ausschau nach Einzelpersonen oder Gruppen von Freiwilligen afrikanischer Abstammung innerhalb Deutschlands oder in ...

29 Mar

Call for Interns: Internship at the PEACE International in Germany.

We are looking for Africans (People of African Descent) to volunteer and help build our network in Germany and the Diaspora. Please, write us an email if you are interested. PEACE – HARAMBEE -UHURU Individual or group volunteer internship/placement application. The Berlin-office of PEACE ...

13 Oct

We help people find jobs, which indirectly means that we help Companies find the right talented people. PEACE CAMEROON interview with the CEO of Njorku: Mr. MAMBE CHURCHILL NANJE

Interview by Beyang Verdell. PEACE CAMEROON: Greetings Mr. Mambe and thanks for granting PEACE CAMEROON (PC) this interview. Please do tell us. Who is Mambe Churchill Nanje? MAMBE CHURCHILL: Well I am called Mambe Churchill, a native of Ndian Division. ...

03 Jun

Africa, The “Frog in Hot Water”?

The story of the frog in hot water is very significant in analyzing our continent, Africa today. For centuries we have suffered at the hands of Imperialists and Colonialists alike, who have plundered and are still plundering the continent till ...

14 Feb

The PEACE Magazine is OUT!!!

  The PEACE Magazine is completed and printed. Demand your copy now through our different contact channels. Please state your names and address. We will also need donations for posting costs and distribution expenses. Our crowdfunding was not successful but ...